Large Mouldings & Assemblies

  • Large components supplied as single injection mouldings or fully validated modular assemblies.

  • 1500t Clamp Force Machine

  • 6 Axis In-Line Robot Cell

  • Automated Finishing and Assembly

  • Alternative Screw & Barrel sizes for a variety of shot weights

  • Controlled environment for white and clear products

  • Ceracon Liquid Gasket Application for integrated sealing feature.


Technical Automotive Components

  • Automotive Pedals and Brackets

  • Filtration - Air

  • Filtration - Oil

  • Filtration - Fuel

  • Electro Mechanical - Window

  • Electro Mechanical - Seating

  • Switching

  • Rocker Cover

  • Interior Trim

  • Exterior Trim


Modular Plastic Assemblies

  • Separate or integrally co-moulded seals provide the interface with mating parts.

  • In process vision systems and pressure testing verify the integrity of every product.

  • In-moulded or ultrasonic threaded inserts provide integral fixing points.

  • In-process vision detection systems and leak testing ensures the integrity of each product.


Structural Plastics For Metal Replacement

  • Utilising advanced engineering polymers and design technology we replace metals with plastics in demanding applications.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is utilised during the design phase to identify stresses, predict performance and eliminate potential failures.

  • Typical materials include Glass reinforced PA6 & PA66, PPS, PEEK and Verton.

  • Extensive validation testing is undertaken to prove performance characteristics.


Aesthetic Plastic Assemblies

  • Metallic graphics provide premium quality aesthetics.

  • High gloss or textured finishes are applied to A-surfaces.

  • UV Stabilised materials prevent long term surface yellowing.

  • Manufactured in a controlled environment to prevent colour contamination.

  • Typical materials include SAN, ABS and PC/ABS.


Fluid Carrying Plastic Assemblies

  • Heat and hydrolysis resistant materials endure long term exposure to hot fluids.

  • Tightly controlled sealing interfaces and correct seal selection provide the long term leak free performance.

  • Typical materials include Hydrolysis resistant glass filled PA66 and PPS for higher temperature applications.



  • Co-moulding provides a cost effective method of achieving integral flexible seals on functional components or a soft feel to the user interface area of products.

  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are tailored to achieve the required level of soft feel and look.

  • Advanced Plastics operates two twin shot machines with rotating platens and vertical barrels producing co-moulded products.


Insert Moulded Plastics

  • Insert moulding of metallic components including rotary bearings in a variety of engineering polymers.

  • Inserts are designed to achieve the required level of retention and torque resistance.


Plastics Thread Forms

  • Fine plastic thread forms are produced from precision injection mould tools utilising rotating core technology.